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Why the OMNI Academy?


Do You Want to...

  • Feel joy and freedom from expressing yourself through sport
  • Tackle the negative self talk and uncontrolled emotions that constantly appear when you're not playing as well as you want to
  • Overcome your fear, lack of confidence and focus
  • Clear emotions that show up in your body before your thoughts (like the upset stomach that comes from the fear of not being good enough or putting too much pressure on a desired outcome)
  • Connect your brain with your body and get them working together
  • Learn to heal and strengthen your body so it stops constantly picking up injuries and creating feelings of doubt when you move
  • Connect consciousness to your athletic ability
  • Share the techniques you have learned for peak performance and to continue learning from other athletes and coaches
  • Help support the people you love and/or coach to reach higher states of consciousness
  • Deepen your feeling of self-worth so you can become the leader you know you can be
  • Develop the tools needed to become a great competitor on and off the field
  • Bridge the concepts of sport and love
  • Apply mindfulness practices directly to sport
  • Learn a repeatable process for achieving flow state

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we invite you to consider joining us inside the OMNI Academy.

What is the Academy?

As OMNI Athletes, we're constantly looking to the future. We're searching for ways to get more out of sport - deeper meaning, more energy, higher performance and connection with other athletes who feel the same way. 

By combining the principles and practices that led to the creation of the Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group - we created an easy, collaborative learning platform that works for any sport, athlete or coach. 

This platform includes:

  • Unlimited access to OMNI Athlete mini-courses so you can up-level each stage of your athletic lifecycle
  • Monthly Video Trainings with OMNI Athlete Teachers (including founders of the Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group)
  • 6+ Years of Archived Essays & Content to Expand Your Consciousness Through Sport
  • A Curated and Awakened Group of Athletes & Coaches You Can Connect To
  • Exclusive Access to Additional Events, Videos & Resources Only Available to Academy Members

Easy Video Modules, Chats & Essays with Powerful Secrets You Can Leverage at Your Own Pace

Learn how to make love your competitive strategy, expand what you know is possible by identifying the thoughts that are holding you back and find out just how much more there is to peak performance.

Awaken your body, mind and spirit by joining a community that's committed to leveling up WITH you. 

Learn WITH & FROM World-Class Leaders in Peak Performance, Sports, Energy & Consciousness Like...

Robyn Meagher

2x Olympian, Clinical Counselor & Performance Coach

Jason Dorland

Olympian, Author & Championship Rowing Coach

Greg Warburton

Author, Teacher, & Professional Counselor

Scott Bottorff

Professional Hockey Player & Fascia Specialist

Heidi McCoy

Martial Artist, Reiki Master & Social Entrepreneur

Barry Robbins

Nationally Ranked Athlete & VP of ITP-International

Catt Tripoli

World Champion Bodybuilder & Award Winning Author

Scott Ford

USPTA Elite Pro, Author, Integral Consciousness and Performance Specialist

Kristen Ulmer

World Champion Extreme Skier, Author & Fear Specialist

David Meggyesy

Former NFL Linebacker & Bestselling Author

Trevor Tierney

World-Champion Lacrosse Goalie & Peak Performance Coach

John Kummrow, Ph.D.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Martial Artist & Football Player

Damien Lafont, Ph.D.

Mental Trainer to High-Performance Athletes

If you're ready to take the next step in your training, or you're just searching for something more from your sport...

We built the OMNI Academy for you. 

This community isn't for everyone and it's certainly not for every athlete. 

If you're the kind of athlete, coach or leader who wants to walk down the path of awakening your body, mind and spirit to higher performance and states of consciousness we hope you'll consider joining us.

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